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Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Dial Men’s Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002 Review

Imagine owning a timepiece that exudes luxury and style while also being durable and reliable. The “Rolex Submariner “Hulk” Green Dial Men’s Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002″ is the epitome of sophistication and functionality. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this watch features a stunning green dial with luminescent hands and hour markers made from 18 ct gold for unmatched resistance to tarnishing. With a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof capability up to 300 meters, and a 48-hour power reserve, this Swiss-made chronometer is perfect for any adventure or occasion. Complete with a six-year warranty and free bracelet sizing, the Rolex Submariner Green Dial Men’s Watch is an investment piece that will stand the test of time.

Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Dial Mens Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002

Check out the Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Dial Mens Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002 here.

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re in the market for a luxury watch that combines style, durability, and functionality, then the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” Green Dial Men’s Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002 is definitely worth considering. This timepiece offers a range of features and benefits that make it a standout choice for any watch enthusiast.

The Rolex Submariner “Hulk” boasts a stunning green dial with luminescent hands and hour markers, ensuring that you can easily tell the time in any lighting conditions. The unidirectional rotating bezel made from 904L Oystersteel Stainless Steel features a green Cerachrom ceramic inset, adding both elegance and durability. The use of 18 ct gold hour markers enhances resistance to tarnish, ensuring that your watch will maintain its beauty over time.

Certified as a Swiss-made chronometer, this watch leaves no doubt about its precision and accuracy. It is equipped with the Rolex Calibre 3135 self-winding mechanical movement, ensuring reliable timekeeping with a 48-hour power reserve. The inclusion of a Parachrom hairspring increases shock resistance and enables the watch to maintain accuracy in varying temperature conditions.

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With a solid case back and screw-down crown, the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” is built to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle. It is also waterproof up to an impressive 300 meters or 1000 feet, making it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other aquatic activities.

Features and Benefits

Distinctive Green Dial with Luminescent Markings

The Rolex Submariner “Hulk” features a captivating green dial with luminescent hands and dot hour markers. This design ensures excellent readability even in low-light conditions, allowing you to easily tell the time at a glance.

Unidirectional Rotating Bezel with Green Cerachrom Ceramic Inset

The knurled-edge bezel on this watch is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Crafted from 904L Oystersteel Stainless Steel, it offers scratch resistance and durability. The green Cerachrom ceramic inset further enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Crafted with 904L Oystersteel Stainless Steel

This luxury watch is manufactured using 904L Oystersteel Stainless Steel, which is known for its high technology and scratch resistance. This superalloy is unique to Rolex and ensures that your watch will maintain its pristine appearance for years to come.

Swiss-Made Chronometer Certification

The Rolex Submariner “Hulk” is proudly certified as a Swiss-made chronometer, a testament to its precision and reliability. This certification guarantees that the watch meets the highest standards of accuracy, quality, and craftsmanship.

Learn more about the Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Dial Mens Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002 here.

Product Quality

Rolex is renowned for its exceptional quality and attention to detail, and the Submariner “Hulk” is no exception. Every component of this watch is meticulously crafted to meet Rolex’s rigorous standards, ensuring that it will stand the test of time. The use of premium materials, such as 904L Oystersteel Stainless Steel and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, further enhances its durability and longevity.

What It’s Used For

A Timeless Fashion Statement

The Rolex Submariner “Hulk” is more than just a timekeeping device; it’s a fashion statement. With its distinctive green dial and luxurious design, this watch adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply going about your daily activities, this timepiece is sure to turn heads.

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Versatile for Every Occasion

While the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” exudes luxury, it is also a highly versatile watch suitable for various occasions. Its robust construction and water resistance make it ideal for active individuals. From the office to the beach, this watch is designed to withstand whatever you throw at it.

Functional and Reliable Timekeeping

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this luxury watch excels in its primary function: timekeeping. The self-winding mechanical movement and chronometer certification ensure that you can depend on the accuracy and reliability of this timepiece. Whether you need to keep track of your busy schedule or simply want to appreciate the art of Swiss watchmaking, the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” won’t disappoint.

Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Dial Mens Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002

Product Specifications

| Case Size | 40 mm | | Thickness | 13 mm | | Dial Type | Analog | | Date Display | 3 o’clock position with Cyclops lens over date | | Movement | Rolex Calibre 3135 self-winding mechanical movement | | Power Reserve | 48 hours | | Bezel | Unidirectional rotating knurled-edge bezel with green Cerachrom ceramic inset | | Hour Markers | 18 ct gold | | Crystal | Scratch-resistant sapphire | | Crown | Screw-down crown | | Water Resistance | 300 meters / 1000 feet | | Functions | Date, hour, minute, second, chronometer | | Clasp | Oysterlock clasp with Glidelock for sizing adjustments | | Band Width | 20 mm | | Warranty | 6 years | | Bracelet Sizing | Free sizing |

Who Needs This

Anyone who appreciates the artistry and craftsmanship of luxury watches would benefit from owning the Rolex Submariner “Hulk.” Whether you’re a watch collector, a fashion enthusiast, or simply someone who values the quality and reliability of a Swiss-made timepiece, this watch is a must-have addition to your collection.

Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Dial Mens Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002

Pros and Cons


  • Stunning green dial with luminescent markings for excellent readability.
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel with scratch-resistant ceramic inset.
  • Crafted with durable and scratch-resistant 904L Oystersteel Stainless Steel.
  • Certified as a Swiss-made chronometer for precision and accuracy.
  • Versatile design suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
  • Water-resistant up to 300 meters/1000 feet.


  • Premium price point.
  • Limited availability due to high demand.
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  1. Is the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” suitable for daily wear? Answer: Yes, the watch is designed for daily wear and can withstand the demands of an active lifestyle.

  2. Can the bracelet be adjusted for a perfect fit? Answer: Yes, the Oysterlock clasp features a Glidelock system that allows for fine sizing adjustments.

  3. Does the watch come with a warranty? Answer: Yes, Rolex offers a 6-year warranty on the Submariner “Hulk” watch.

  4. Can I wear the watch while swimming or diving? Answer: Absolutely! The watch is waterproof up to 300 meters/1000 feet, making it suitable for various water activities.

Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Dial Mens Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” are consistently impressed with its exceptional quality, luxurious design, and accurate timekeeping. Many highlight the versatility of the watch, praising its ability to effortlessly transition from formal events to outdoor adventures. While the price point may be considered high, customers agree that the craftsmanship and reputation of the Rolex brand justify the investment.

Overall Value

In terms of overall value, the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” is truly unparalleled. With its combination of timeless design, superior craftsmanship, and precision timekeeping, this watch offers a lifetime of enjoyment. While the initial investment may be significant, the quality and durability of this timepiece make it a worthwhile purchase for anyone seeking a luxurious and reliable watch.

Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Dial Mens Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Rolex Submariner “Hulk,” here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Regularly clean your watch with a soft cloth to maintain its shine.
  • Avoid exposing your watch to chemicals or extreme temperatures.
  • Have your watch serviced by an authorized Rolex service center to keep it running smoothly.
  • Adhere to the water resistance rating and avoid activities that could exceed the recommended depth.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Rolex Submariner “Hulk” Green Dial Men’s Luxury Watch M116610LV-0002 is a true masterpiece that combines style, durability, and functionality. With its stunning green dial, scratch-resistant bezel, and Swiss-made precision, this watch is an investment in luxury that will stand the test of time.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking for a luxury watch that perfectly balances style and performance, the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” is the perfect choice. Its iconic design, exceptional quality, and reliable timekeeping make it a coveted timepiece for watch enthusiasts around the world. Invest in the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” and elevate your style to new heights.

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